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Our dogs live with us in the house and in dog rooms next to the house.
We keep our dogs in a pack of several intact males and bitches.

That because, the social compatibility and character are of  big importance and a basic requirement for a dog that is

part of our breeding stock.

Our puppies spend the first 4 weeks in our house, where we can look after them and the mother dog around the clock.

During this time we are  spending day and night with the puppy´s and their mom.

We enable constant human contact for the puppies and they get to know the daily noises.

From the age of 4 weeks the puppies move into their puppy room,which is located in a separate outbuilding.
There they have a 23 qm playroom with direct access to the garden.
From this moment, they run with the entire pack and get  already important lessons and basic education

from the older pack members,which they will need for their later social behavior.

From the 4th week onwards, future dog parents can come and visit their four-legged friends at any time.
The puppy´s are in daily contact with people of different ages.
Over the weeks, the puppies get to know different noises (garden tools, playing children, rolling garbage cans, car noises, etc ...) before they make their first car trips behind them.
They wear a collar from the 1st day, which makes it much easier to them to get used to walking on a leash!

In the 9th week, the little ones can move, well prepared for their life, vaccinated,
dewormed and chipped to their new homes.




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