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Our breeding goal

Over the years we have dealt intensively with the Cane Corso breed.

Unfortunately, there isn't much left of the original type of Cane Corso that we once fell in love with.
At exhibitions one increasingly sees the boxer type, without bone strength, with a tucked round back and often no hindquarters angulation at all.
This is neither typical of the breed, nor are such anatomical defects beneficial to health.

Crossbreeding by foreign breeds in the past and persistent line breeding have ensured that when several Corsi are gathered it is often difficult to recognize that these dogs are animals of the same breed, since the breed is anything but homogeneous.

We would like to breed the Cane Corso as it once was and select accordingly.
A big, rustic, robust, strong-boned and functional dog without anatomical exaggerations.

We attach great importance to the health and a healthy anatomy of our breeding dogs.
We not only x-ray our dogs for HD, as prescribed by the association, but also voluntarily for ED and OCD.
Conspicuous dogs are excluded from breeding with us.

It is the same with the being.
The nature of a dog is by no means a pure matter of upbringing, as is often assumed.
Many essential characteristics are deeply anchored genetically.
It has been proven that a shy or aggressive bitch will never produce balanced puppies! These imitate the behavior of their mother in the first few weeks of life, and this largely determines the further character development of the young animals.

But also consider the hereditary characteristics that are passed on from generation to generation. So I have observed behavioral problems that often affect entire lines and in which animals have repeatedly been noticed by the same negative character traits that came from different breeding sites and only had one thing in common, a certain ancestor in their pedigree!

In stud dogs with increased aggression potential or behavioral abnormalities, there is always the risk that these traits will be passed on to the offspring due to hereditary factors. That is why we also place high demands on foreign stud dogs that are used in our breeding.

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